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Many homes have around 30 percent of the whole floor area unused only above your thoughts. Having an attic conversion London you can transform this unused area into 1 of several distinct sorts of rooms raising both the livable region in your house and its resale value. Based on your London loft conversion budget you can turn your attic space to some of the following chambers:

  • Storage space

  • Bedroom

  • Lounge room

  • Hobby space

Attic Conversions London

The staff here in Loft Conversions CC Builders pride ourselves on supplying great London attic conversion, dormer window, loft stair and ladder info. We’ve partnered up with a few skilled and seasoned attic conversion contractors in London who won’t only do a excellent job which will comply with all regulations and rules but will also make certain that the last product is just what you’re after.
In case you want to talk about what attic conversion choices you’ve got to your London home just finish the “Easy Quote” create to the right and 1 of our London spouses are going to be in touch to aid you with your query.

Attic Ladders/Stairs London

Just how are you going to get the extra space which you get from an attic conversion? This is sometimes a complicated question to answer, all these are a couple of things you’ll require to think about when selecting between an attic staircase or ladder.
Just how much distance you have over the entrance point — you want at least 2 metres elevation at the Peak of the entrance point
Space beneath — staircase occupy far more room compared to a ladder
Functionality — Are you really using the area as a habitable location? Stairs will be better. Ladders are much more common for storage regions
Ability of Individuals That Are using it — ladders are much harder to scale than staircase
To have the ball rolling on your own loft conversion with either a staircase or ladder contact us through the “Easy Quote” create.

What’s involved in an Attic Conversion London

If you are not a builder or a professional DIYer then choosing an attic roof conversion is going to be quite a tough task, we recommend leaving it to the professionals such as 1 of our partner loft conversion firms London. These are a few of the things 1 has to consider when considering a London loft conversion.
Load bearing capacity that must be done by a structural engineer

    • Insulation

    • Skylights or windows for natural lighting

    • Staircase or ladder

    • Ventilation

    • Flooring

    • Plumbing for a kitchen or bathroom

    • Electricals for lights and power factors

Dormer Windows London

If you’re planning an attic conversion London and need to convert it into habitable area then organic lighting is 1 of those things you’ll require to contemplate. The alternatives for letting natural lighting in are dormer windows, skylights, windows or even a combo. Dormer windows provide you with a little more space and also have a amazing external look.
If you’re contemplating dormer windows to your London loft conversion please fill out the adjacent create and 1 of our friendly staff are going to be in touch to assist you with your attic conversion and much more.

Costs for London Loft Conversions

London attic conversions, loft ladders & staircase and dormer windows are available in all shapes and sizes. Habitable space attic conversions will cost far more than just converting the space into a storage space. For an accurate estimate for your unique needs only complete the contact create to the right with all of the relevant info and 1 of our seasoned London staff are going to be in contact to answer all of your questions and receive your London attic conversion started.

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